Our Services

Supply Materials :-

We are supplying materials of CCTV/PABX/Accessories through our company factory outlets all over the Middle East

Installation :-

Hassoun Gulf Telecom offers their client the choice between supervising installation or providing the actual installation on site. We employ a professional installation team available to tackle the most demanding and technically challenging job in CCTV and PABX

Commissioning :-

Hassoun Gulf Telecom will deploy on site a professional team of technicians and engineers to test and download software ready for operation. We will connect the site with the main control room

Operation & Maintenance :-

Hassoun offers after sales service so flexible ranging from Operation Contracts, Periodic Preventive Maintenance Contracts and/or on demand visits.

Support and Services

In order to make our service more satisfied, please read the following after-sales service policy after your purchase.

  • 1. Since the product from the date of the sale, use in normal circumstances but happen problems, replacement in three months, warranty in one year and lifetime maintenance.
  • 2. if the following factors are in need of repair, even if the products in warranty, the company will charge costs related to maintenance:
    • (1) Users not to use products as operation instruction so that error caused by human failure;
    • (2) Users open, repair and refit the machine by privately, caused the damage;
    • (3) Not to accord the operation instruction, improper maintenance and custody caused the damage.
    • (4) Product information is incomplete, such as e-paper and date paper disappeared, damaged or altered;
    • (5) Other abnormal uses (the main reason is power supply part or power supply quality) result in breakdown;
    • (6) As a result of force majeure (such as: fire, earthquake, lightning, flood, etc.) caused the damage or fault.
  • 3. The need to replace to deal with:
    Products replacement must satisfy the following items:
    • (1) Purchase no more than three months (from the date of goods ship out factory);
    • (2) Shell has no wear and tear, scratch, deformation, corrosion, and other conditions;
    • (3) Body to be kept clean;
    • (4) The second policy of after-sales service in this case, the company can??t present replacement.
  • 4. The need to return the product to deal with:
    Products return must satisfy the following items:
  • (1) Purchase no more than a month (from the date of goods ship out the factory);
  • (2) Since the machine quality itself, the product can not use in normal;
  • (3) Shell has no wear and tear, scratch, deformation, corrosion, and other conditions;
  • (4) The second policy of after-sales service in this case, the company does not return.
  • 5. The purchase of more than a month of no return, not a replacement for more than three months, but the special circumstances of the need to return and replace, the company will be charged the replacement cost of the machine shell and the cost of lens movement for depreciation.
  • 6. Machine parts (lenses, frame, power, etc.) will not be in the warranty policy.
  • 7. Non-product of the company, not within the scope of after-sales service
  • 8. The final interpretation of this policy to all of the Company


We have a strong team of experienced professionals working with us. This working experience has contributed to the professional development and enhancement of skill set for Indian nationals. This is very important to us as it is our national human resources that will carry out Indian's vision and ensure that future generations achieve continued success


Hassoun Manufactures is well-respected as a major product innovator within the security industry. We are a privately-held CCTV manufacturer, a proven world leader in manufacturing integrated surveillance security systems. Here at Hassoun Manufactues, we have challenged ourselves to bring changes to the security industry through rigorous product testing, 100% customer satisfaction, and revolutionary ideas. In over 3 years, we have established ourselves as a wellrecognized brand in the security industry. Our rapid growth has allow us to expand in many directions. We are seeking dynamic and talented individuals with the potiental to not only grow with the company, but also as an individual.
For career enquiry place your cv to hr@hassountelecom.com


An individual development plan (IDP) is written plan used to systematically identify and record appropriate training and development activities that enhance an employee’s performance in a current or projected future assignment. All employees and supervisors must complete or update an IDP each year within 30 days of annual performance appraisal. The IDP should include input from both employee and supervisor. Using the IDP from designated by their agency, REE employees and supervisors should record the following:-
(1) Identified developmental needs
(2) Activities proposed to meet that needs
(3) Dates of the activities
(4) Direct costs required to meet the needs (travel, material etc.)

Shift from analogue

Moor’s law, states that performance will double every 18 months for the same cost. While this normally applies to consumer electronics such as personnel computers and mobile phones, it has parallels with network cameras. A modern digital camera can deliver 30 frames per second (FPS) in HDTV 1080p resolution, compared with the first digital cameras that offered 1 FPS in 0.1Mpix a 600 times performance increase The benefits of IP video are clear when it comes to image quality, system scalability and ease-of-installation specifically when installing system of more than. The shift from analogue to IP has accelerated through the recession as both manufactures and consumers focus their spending on technology on the future

Move towards standards

Supporting good standards leads to ease-of-use, and this is one of the reason analogue video has remained dominant for so long. Because all the major IP surveillance players has invested in ONVIF support, it is expected that will become the dominant standard on the API for the network video

Hosted video

If we can trust “the cloud” with our money today, its logical that we would do the same for the security video tomorrow.

The benefits are obvious: no need of DVR, the option to have local NVR recording and no fixed cameras counts, coupled with the basic benefits of IP video. Allowing the video feed to be accessed from any ware, through smart phone, laptops etc..

Image quality and HD resolution

Even though network video provides much better image quality there is still a lot more to be done. In the last 15 years most of the evolution has been on the resolution and frame rate.

The expectation is that this will enable the average surveillance camera to see more than the human eye something that can’t said today under hardly any circumstances